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Learn, Network, Invest

We sat down with Ben Lapidus, co-founder and host of the Best Ever Conference, to find out what he’s looking forward to most at BEC2024.

First, a little about Ben

He is the Chief Financial Officer for Spartan Investment Group LLC, where he has applied his finance and business development skills to construct a portfolio of over $500M assets under management from scratch, build the corporate finance backbone for the organization, and organize over $300M of debt capital from the firm.

In addition to completing over 100 real estate transactions at and prior to Spartan, Ben is the managing partner of Indigo Ownerships LLC. Before Spartan, Ben founded and sold a multimillion-dollar study abroad company and worked with several start-ups through IPO or acquisition. He graduated from Rutgers University with dual degrees in finance and economics, where he founded the Rutgers Entrepreneurial Society.
We asked Ben some questions about what to expect at this year’s conference — here’s what he had to say:

October 11, 2023

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What are you most excited about for the BEC2022?

Our key motivation for the Best Ever Conference is quality collisions per capita, which means that we are driven by a sense of purpose to create new partnerships, connect investors with exciting opportunities, and facilitate new relevant relationships for operators.
To that end, this year we’ve created a suite of digital tools to expose more opportunities for connection in the physical environment. This year we’re unveiling a digital directory of open deals from all of our operators who compete on stage, sponsor the conference, or are just attending.

As an investor you’ll be able to review deal opportunities, management teams, and track records from hundreds of companies all in one place. If you’re a verified accredited investor, you’ll also be able to schedule in-person one-on-one interviews with dozens of operators at the Best Ever Conference.

As an operator, you’ll have unlimited exposure to verified investors so you can foster new relationships, as well as be able to schedule in-person meetings with your existing investors .

Between the on-stage content, the side experiences curated by our partners and attendees, a full schedule of pre-established one-on-one interviews, and all the parties, you’ll have trouble finding time to rest! Talk about an action-packed experience!
It will certainly be the highest ROI experience for all attendees we’ve created since our inception in 2017.

Tell us about the experience. What can attendees expect?

From the moment you register, you’re going to feel like you’re coming home.

This is not a conference for beginner investors or tire kickers. 96% of our attendees have transacted or invested in one or more commercial real estate deals in the last six months. There is no other conference with this kind of concentration of high-quality networking, and those who have attended before know that, so they treat every new handshake as an opportunity to make a new friend or partner. It’s an incredibly inviting atmosphere.
When you first enter the main stage, you’ll be drinking from a fire hose. We like to start off the conference with back-to-back economic updates from those with access to massive datasets and are fantastic presenters. We’ll keep you well-fed and intellectually stimulated throughout the day so that you have the energy to carry the relationship-building into the evening where the real connections are made.
You won’t find yourself avoiding the gaze of our sponsor tables as we’ve filtered them in advance and they’re likely to be highly relevant to your business or investing needs. The vast schedule will have side quests for every type of conference-goer. We’ll have three stages in the afternoons providing content to investors, operators, and entrepreneurs, while dozens of companies will be holding their side events and the open floor plan will have engaging and entertaining activities.
Finally, this will all take place at the newly built Hyatt Regency in Salt Lake City, which means you’ll have access to an oasis of food and drink within easy walking distance… and some of the best late-season skiing in the world a mere 30 minute drive.